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周亚松,早在2015年就因为给女儿陪考而率先考上华中师范大学的研究生。今年7月, 56岁的她又收到了韩国大学院的博士录取通知书。




网友eamon o’kelly 38岁的时候就回到学校念本科。

i went back to university full-time at 38 to finish my ba degree. i was the oldest student in all my classes but i would see a few older students around the college. i studied history and economics and did very well: i didn’t have the distractions that are common among traditional-age students such as partying and boyfriend/girlfriend dramas; i had the discipline that comes from 20 years in the workplace, and thus did everything well and on time; and i had real-world experience that benefited me greatly.




when i was 41, i went to law school of nyu. again, i was among the older students but not the oldest: there was a woman in my class who had graduated from college the year i was born! the same factors that had benefited me in undergraduate studies also stood to me in law school (the real-world experience was particularly useful). i graduated in the top ten percent of my class at one of the best law schools in the united states.

我41岁的时候去了纽约大学法学院。我仍然是年龄较大的学生之一,但不是年龄最大的:我班上有位女同学在我出生那年就大学毕业了!使我在本科学习中受益的因素也同样在法学院 到了我(现实世界的经验尤其有用)。我毕业于美国最好的法学院之一,成绩在班上名列前茅。

i have always loved history but studying it seriously at university broadened and deepened my understanding in ways that i cannot begin to describe. i also find economics inherently interesting and my undergraduate economics courses have helped me tremendously in my career as an antitrust lawyer.

我一直热爱历史,但在大学里认真学习历史,以我无法描述的方式拓宽和加深了我对历史的理解。我还发现经济学本身就很有趣,我本科的经济学课程对我反垄断律师的职业生涯 助很大。

dianne mclaren-brighton发现自己40多岁读研究生并不比20多岁读本科的时候难多少。年龄不是问题,她还交到了忘年交。

i got my master’s degree when i was in my 40s. it wasn’t any more difficult than it was to get my ba in my late teen-early 20s. most of my classmates were in their mid to late 20s, but other than having a few cultural references that were different, the age difference was not an issue. in fact, i now have a terrific friend who is a decade younger than i and whom i would never have met had we not been in school together.



amer khwaja也是类似的情况,他发现此前担心的很多事情根本就没有发生。

i went back to school at 43 and got my bs in photography. i was very nervous about it:


? i thought the other students would be smarter than me, that wasn’t the case.


? i thought the other students wouldn’t like me, that wasn’t the case, they didn’t like me anymore or less than normal. for the most part, people just do their own thing.


? i actually feel i had an advantage in classes in that the professors were mostly about my age so i could relate to them better than the other students.


? i liked college a lot because of my real-world experience, it made me understand things so much better and i was far more motivated to learn than some of the other students who were straight out of high school.


gill bullen则表示,她的老公作为拥有过两段职业生涯的退伍军人,回到大学里学计算机是一件又实用又开心的事情。

my husband left secondary school at 15, and joined the royal navy; when he left (by then a junior officer) ten years later, they recommended that he should go to university, but he refused; he felt that at 25 he was too old.


fifteen years and a second career (in industrial purchasing) later, he suddenly decided he wanted to go to university. he had a wonderful time the

re, was suddenly a good ten years younger, got a very good degree (in computing) and went on to a happy third career as a freelance programmer and systems analyst.


曾经为很多大学生做过职业规划的jann hoke发现,很多“非传统学生”通常都是成绩拔尖的。

almost without exception, the best and most motivated students are the non-traditional students. (“non-traditional” is defined as a college student who doesn’t fit the stereotype of being 18 – 22 years old.)


in my experience, non-traditional students are more likely to be on time for class and be prepared. their essays are usually far more interesting because of their life experiences. they ask good questions and they understand that they are paying me to teach them (through their tuition). they want value for their money and are willing to work with me to see that they get it.



网友traye white用三段排比鼓励了一把所有想要通过教育继续追梦的中年人。

people will always tell you you’re too old, talk to you about the income you’ll lose, bring up the opportunity cost. but you’re already asking the question. in your 40’s you’re thinking about going back to school and making yourself better, you already want to go back. do it.


you can’t put a financial price tag on your feelings of accomplishments and self-worth. maybe it leads to a better job, maybe not. but you want a college degree, so go get one. as long as you don’t neglect your family and bankrupt yourself chasing some foolish dream, do it.


most people work dead-end jobs for minimal pay and have very little time to enjoy themselves. if education gives you the slightest bit of happiness and satisfaction, shines a small glimmer of light on a dull existence, it’s worth it, do it.






antitrust /??nti?tr?st /

adj. 反托拉斯的;反垄断的

terrific / t??r?f?k /

adj. 极好的;绝妙的;了不起的

freelance /?fri?l?ns/

adj. 特约的;自由职业的

existence /?ɡ?z?st?ns/

n. (尤指艰难或无聊的)生活,生活方式

glimmer /’ɡl?m?(r) /

n. 微弱的闪光

学士学位 a bachelor’s degree

硕士学位 a master’s degree